Membership is open to all Ethiopian Canadian in the Waterloo and surrounding areas and anywhere in the world. An application for membership shall be made in asking to the secretary or one of the executive members. The secretary shall then provide the applicant with an application form and the rules of the Council. The applicant shall lodge the application with the secretary. Where the application approved the secretary shall notify the applicant of the approval.

The applicant shall pay the sum of registration fee. The applicant shall become a member of the Council commencing the date of full payment of the fees.


Member shall have the following rights: To be a member of the committee. To elect and be elected; To exercise their “freedom of expression”; To receive all the necessary assistance and cooperation from the Council; and To give constructive suggestions in written or oral form.

Member shall have the following duties:- To comply with the rules of the executive members; To participate in the activities of the Council meetings; To comply and implement the resolutions of the association; To pay the association fees on time; and To attend and participate in meetings.