Promoting Ethiopian Cultural and heritage and building a positive environment in Canada. To build a bridge and connect the residence to support services they need to thrive. Tutoring and mentoring students providing vital support for refugees, immigrants and residents and bringing together our community for social and cultural awareness for a political and economic progress.


The Ethiopian Association shall have the following objectives and functions: Represent Ethiopians at with government and non-government bodies; establish a close relationship among Ethiopians residing in Waterloo and surrounding areas; facilitate help from various organizations for any nation in the world who may confront natural disaster; organise a fund raising activities; By soliciting other forms of assistance such as medicine, clothes etc. To lobby Canadian government for appropriate policies affecting the welfare of Ethiopians in Waterloo and elsewhere around the world including Ethiopia. To lobby the Federal government to increase the intake of Ethiopian refugees; To work hand in hand with the “National Ethiopian Community Associations sports Federation”; To facilitate better understanding between Canadian and Ethiopians through; organising Ethiopian Cultural facts, events and traditional contemporary music; organizing forums on Ethiopian Affairs; Organizing Ethiopian festivals; To act against human right violation in Ethiopia. To exchange ideas and materials with various Associations concerning Ethiopians; To support and stand for human right issues; To undertake new comers projects which contribute to maximize the living standard of Ethiopians in Canada; and To strengthen and assist Ethiopian Community Association whenever the need arises.